Angels of God Clothing Closet is now ANGELS COMMUNITY OUTREACH.

Welcome to our new website. We are still in the process of building and adding content, so this is a work on progress.

Closed to regain our PURPLE POWER😁💜– Angels Community Outreach will be closed Dec. 25 through Tue Jan. 12th. PLEASE refrain from donating during this time. I am taking a few days off for some rest and to give my Purple Power Team time to re-energize! We also need time to clean up from our toy drive and reorganize a little before we re-open the doors to clients and donors. We have been running non stop to make sure kids/teens in our area wake up to some Christmas magic but now it is time for a little self-love. Angels Community Outreach has successfully fulfilled LOTS of Christmas wishes! Hundreds of children/teens in our area woke up to a little Christmas magic! THANK YOU to my PURPLE POWER TEAM and BIG THANKS to the community for helping us create CHRISTMAS MAGIC! Watch Facebook for photos of the kids opening their gifts. 


IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: HOLD ON USED CLOTHING DONATIONS UNTIL JAN 12th. The next few weeks we have been asked to help the MAN IN RED… SANTA!! 🎅🏼🎄 We will take used clothing donations until Tue. Dec. 8th. And then we are kindly asking if you would please hold your gently used clothing donations until Tue. Jan. 12th. We will still take NEW clothing and coats for Christmas gifts. We need the time and space to dedicate to making CHRISTMAS MAGICAL for local children in our area. Also, due to Covid-19 my volunteer staff is down. If we have a clothing need, I will post it on Facebook. WE WILL BEGIN TO TAKE USED CLOTHING DONATIONS AGAIN TUE. JAN. 12th. THANK YOU for understanding! We appreciate your continued support. Together we are making a difference in our community! 🙌 Any questions please txt/call 856-625-8652. 


We have grown to more than just a Clothing Closet. We have become a community outreach.
Angels Community Outreach – Are you in need? Do you know of a person in need? Please let them know about our programs. TOGETHER we can make a difference!

Our mission is to give a hand UP to those in need. We will accomplish this by providing clothing, toiletries, food and more at no cost to those financially in need. We respond to basic human needs, promote dignity and hope. Our goal is also to provide social activities and holiday events to children in need.

Our goal is to also spread kindness. Sometimes it is not always about the necessities it is taking the time to listen to someone or to do something for them to make them feel special.

Sometimes, something as simple as a new outfit can put a smile on one’s face and make them feel beautiful.

Clothing Closet- With the way the economy is today, our organization wants to relieve financial stress from families by providing necessities. Our charity’s services are limited to seasonal “shopping sprees”, where disadvantaged clients can visit the Pitman storefront and shop for clothing that is given to them for free.

Food & Toiletry Bank- On site we have a small food and toiletry bank. Those in need can receive food and toiletries for free.

Kibble Corner: The Angels Pet Food Pantry– For many people they struggle with the day-to-day expenses and the cost of putting food on the table for their families. Pet food is not always in the budget for the furry family member. The “Angels” have decided a section of our Food Panty to the fur babies! Families that come into Angels Community Outreach will now be able to receive pet food. Once a month we will also deliver to the elderly or disabled.

Prom Drive- Angels Community Outreach assists high school girls who want to attend their proms, but can’t because of financial difficulties. We want to make this a night to remember for a young girl, who despite financial hardships, would love to attend her prom like any other teen girl. We can help with the purchase a girl’s prom tickets and shoes. Girls will be invited to “shop” for their dream dress at no cost. LET’S NOT FORGET THE GUYS! The Angels can also help the gentlemen rent a tux and purchase a prom ticket.

Easter Baskets Project- Angels Community Outreach wants to make sure EVERY child is greeted Easter morning with a tradition Easter Basket filled with goodies. Some of children that receive our Easter Baskets are living in domestic violence shelters or other county shelters. Sometimes parents are struggling financially, and it is a strain on the family to go out and purchase their child an Easter basket.

Annual Holiday Parties for Kids in Need- One of our missions at Angels Community Outreach is to create memories for children in need. Each year we hold holiday parties where we will invite area children living in homeless shelters and low income families to enjoy a fun filled day together. We know this is not a necessity, but we think it is a wonderful memory for a child in need. In the past, we have held roller skating, a day at the movies and bowling parties. For some children this was their first time going to a roller rink or bowling alley.

Back to School Project- Angels Community Outreach will hold their annual Back to School Event each year for families in need. What makes our Back-to-School Event special is that the children get to come to our event, eat dinner, receive a back-to-school haircut, socks & underwear, and walk around from table-to-table and choose their own backpack and back to school items just like their peers.

“Toes and Tushies” Campaign- Our goal is to provide new socks and underwear to needy children for the start of school. It is hard to imagine, but many children go without underwear and socks because their parents have to choose between new undergarments or paying the utility bills and putting food on the table. Something as simple as new underwear and socks can make a difference in a child’s/teen’s dignity. Changing in the locker room for a tween or teen can be very embarrassing if they are wearing underwear/bras that are old, too small, or too big.

Halloween Costumes– EVERY CHILD deserves to enjoy Halloween … no goblin or ghoul left behind! Each October we hold one special day that clients can come in to The Angels Clothing Closet with their children and let the kids pick out their favorite costume to show off on Halloween.

Thanksgiving Basket Give-a-Way- We want to provide overflowing Thanksgiving Baskets during this holiday, so families in need can celebrate Thanksgiving with a traditional meal.

Angels Toy Box Christmas Toy Drive- Many children and families are in need of little extra help during the holiday season. Making ends meet day to day is a struggle, leaving very little resources for gifts for under the tree. In this time of great need, we look to the community to help us fill these gaps. Every child deserves a MAGICAL Christmas!

Funding Projects- When Angels Community Outreach has extra funding we try and help those in need. Here are some of this things we have helped with: beds, work uniforms, birthday bag, refrigerator, school uniforms, shoes, beds, etc.