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Want to help? Here are some ideas of ways you can help.

    • Volunteer in person one-time opportunities: CLICK HERE to see what in person volunteer opportunities we have available at this time. Check back often because we add dates/ times / events often.
    • Volunteer in person on a regular basis: Join our Purple Power TEAM and help make a difference in our community. CLICK HERE to fill out the Volunteer Form. This will give us an idea of your availability.
    • Clean out your closet! We all have items which no longer fit us, or perhaps isn’t our style anymore. By cleaning out your closet and donating your clothes, you are helping someone in need gain a much-needed outfit. 
    • Make a card for a veteran or elderly individual! A large population we serve are veterans, particularly older folks who are living in assisted living or nursing homes. Making a card is a great way to brighten up their day! Maybe your child’s whole class/scout troop/sports team/club can get in on the fun and make a bunch of cards.
    • Hold a local item specific donation drive with your friends, neighbors, coworkers for things like toiletries, non-perishable food, winter coats/hats/gloves, pet food, etc.  Make it a fun “Virtual Angel Event” and share on your social media.  Have a drop box at your house/office and share pictures with us!
    • Create a “Cooking Bag” – Do you have a favorite recipe? Share it with a family in need. In a bag, include all the ingredients, plus a copy of your favorite recipe. Include a gift card to buy perishables if needed.
    • Create a “Dessert Baking Bag” – Similar to the cooking bag… except this one is for desserts! Create a bag with all the items needed to bake a cake, cookies or brownies. You could include a gift card to buy recipe perishables if needed. The “Baking Bag” could also include a baking sheet, mixing spoon, etc. These are items that families in need do not always have access to.
    • Family Fun Day – In this bag, you can include a new game, craft DIY kits, DVD, microwave popcorn, snacks, etc. This way, a family in need will have a day of fun!
    • Pet Food Drive – Let’s not forget our furry friends! Families have a hard time putting food on the table and often struggle to feed their best friends – their pets. Make a donation of dog / cat food, treats, kitty litter, etc. to help the pets of our clients.